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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  April 7, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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public's help. abc2 news' jamie costello joins us now. >> reporter: more than three months ago phylicia barnes disappeared. she was last seen right here in baltimore while visiting family. baltimore city police say there will be a massive search this saturday in a wooded area to look for phylicia. police say they continue to run into deadends. >> the last two months we have only gotten five tips. five tips have come into our hotline. all the tips that have come in thus far were in the area of 180 to 200 since the beginning of the investigation, they have all been investigated, they have all determined to be unfounded. >> it's up to you. police say they need your help right now to find phylicia. anyone with information is asked to call the hotline number at 855-223-0033. that number gonna is 855-223- 855-223-0033. jamie costello abc2 news. >> thanks. new technology is helping authorities track down missing
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elderly people. it's called project life saver, people with alzheimer's, dementia or autism who have a tendency to wander away can be tracked by using radiofrequencies. families of those who wander can purchase a small wristwatch size transmitter. when they go missing, they can help find them. >> we put a lot of manpower looking for them, where this is going to be limited. going to be a matter of a few people and in a short time should be able to locate them. >> the transmitter wristwatch cost about $300. families will pay $75 a year for batteries. several cars including a city police cruisers were damaged last night when a vehicle attempted to elude police. a vehicle was stopped in the 600 block of martin luther king boulevard when it was hit from behind by a stolen car. that driver left the scene. he was stopped a short time later, arrested and charged. baltimore orioles legend
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brooks robins remains at the hospital. the hospital has seen an overwhelming show of support for robinson. the hospital is collecting all those well wishes for robinson. >> we have presented already one book to him, which he's deleted in seeing and thanks to so many who have responded with such generosity, tenderness and love and affection for him. >> a second book was also given to robinson today. the hospital says more than 350 people from at least 19 different states have e-mailed them showing their support for the oriole great. abc2 works for you. we are trying to keep you and your family safe. and tonight the hartford county sheriff's department needs your help to track down an armed robber. brian kuebler has the very latest in tonight's crime checker. >> reporter: abc2 is working to keep your community safe each week we are highlighting recent crimes in your neighborhood. this week the harvard county sheriff's department needs your help in solving an robber.
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it happened, two men forced their way into a home and demanded money from the homeowner, the victim did not have any cash, so the suspects forced her to drive to a nearby bank to withdraw the money. they then fled in a separate vehicle. the getaway vehicle is described as an older model red jeep cherokee, similar to the one we are showing you here with a white bumper and a black stripe. anyone with any information is asked to call metro crimestoppers at 1866-7-lockup. callers with remain anonymous and could be eligible for up to a $2000 reward. and don't forget, you can always see more of our reports by heading over to brian kuebler at abc2 news. now let's take a look at tonight's top stories. a craigslist scam is leaving the pockets of home hunters lighter. people find a home on craigslist at a really good deal. the problem is, that house is listed actually for sale and scammers are pulling pictures
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from the web. craigslist ads say the landlords are out of town but they should do a drive by and if they like what they saw, send in a deposit. then they would get the keys but it's really all a scam to steal your money. if you see ads like this, you are asked to flag the post. a warning from baltimore police tonight, reshipping or remailing scams are causing big problems for some people. they start as work at home officers -- offers, rather, where someone sends you a package or a check that you end up forwarding overseas. now, you get a check for your help, you're supposed to cash it, keep a chunk and then send on the rest, but it turns out that check is a fraud so you're on the hook for the money and your role in the scam. city police say you should be very, very skeptical of these offers. as the possible closure of the federal government looms many marylanders may be directly impacted. there are over 200,000 federal workers living here in our state. many maryland businesses that have dealings with the federal government will be impacted as well. lawmakers say the biggest impact, though will be the flow
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of day-to-day activities between agencies at the state with agencies of the federal government. well, a nice clear spring day out there. you had to love it. temperatures around 60, cool, refreshing, some sunshine, hope you enjoyed the sunshine. i don't think we are going to see a lot of sun back in the picture until probably late saturday into sunday. let's take a look first, maryland's most powerful radar all clear tonight, looking good for orioles baseball as we try to get a winning opening home series with the tigers. pictures revealing increasing cloud cover out of the west but again, radar showing no precipitation with these. these represent fair weather clouds and so really not a concern. take a look at some of the high temps on the day. we eventually were up into the low and mid-60s, 59 in edgemere, annapolis cooler, an east breeze off the waters changing the game a little bit. rest of the evenings, down in the 60s, some spots in the 50s along the bay water edge but 60
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for that first pitch. much more weather for you coming up in a couple of minutes including your weekend forecast. kelly. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. tonight a meeting will be held concerning a possible new wal-mart in hartford county. there are tentative plans to close that store in the constant friendship area while opening a bigger 13 miles away. the proposed store in south bel air would be located 10 miles from a new similar superwal- mart being located off of -- residents are expected to comment on wal-mart's tentative plans tonight's at a public hearing on the county's master land use plan. that meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 in harford community college's chesapeake center dining room. millions of e-mails swiped by hackers who broke into the system of epsilon, and one of those e-mails could be yours. how to make sure scammers don't use your e-mail to dig out personal information. a mom gives a special thank you to an emergency worker who
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made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. in tonight's consumer alert, epsilon, one of the biggest e-mail marketers in the world, was recently hacked stealing millions of e-mail
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addresses. and one of those e-mail addresses could be yours. so here's a heads up for you. keep in mind that a legitimate company will never ask you for any sensitive information like your social security number or an account password in an e- mail. if you get an e-mail asking you to click on a link to chase a -- change a password, don't do it. screams can -- scammers can set up fake sites to steal your account information. and for more information on the latest scams and how to protect yourself, head to our website,, and go to the money section. that's where you'll find our scam alert tab. the new sector of tablet computers is really booming and consumer reports is weighing in. in its review apple's ipad 2 came out on top. consumer reports called @ leader in the tablet market. the ipad 2 earned high marks for the quality of its design, software and storage capacity as well as the price. leading automaker toyota is teaming up with microsoft for advanced in its vehicle. together they will make
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telematics, an information communication system that includes gps, multimedia and telecommunication services. it will be similar to gm's onstar. the new service could be available by the year 2015. vacancy signs are replacing sales signs at the mall. shopping mall vacancies have hit their highest level in some 11 years, according to the "wall street journal." strip malls and neighborhood shopping centers really are in worse shape. experts say online shopping and the building boom are to blame. a man allegedly lurking around college captions is making people -- campuses is making people do a double take. a closer look at this alleged stalker. and a handless boy shows he can still have perfect penmanship. how he's learned to overcome adversity. abc2 works for the community, a proud partner of komen maryland's race for the
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more than a year ago lieu anna -- luanna lee gave up hope of ever seeing her son alive again. but today she gave special thanks to those who brought him back to her. bill fink was there and brings us the details. >> reporter: luanna lee and her husband came to fire station 12 to give high praise to one of its own. >> he's my hero because he brought my son home. >> reporter: she's referring to richard lannen and credits his quick action to saving the life of her son donald. donald lee admits he's been accustomed to trouble before but on a january night in 2009, trouble turned nearly tragic. in this usually quiet arrow acres neighborhood in eastern baltimore county, donald and her friend came to a street corner to settle a fight, but
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someone brought a gun. >> i heard a pop, pop. >> i remember as soon as i heard the noise that it hit me. >> reporter: a 45 caliber bullet went through his chest. >> hit my lung, two arteries and my chest. i was internal bleeding. by the time they put blood in me it was disappearing. >> reporter: in the -- when the police arrived, he was already in cardiac arrest. within minutes ems lieutenant lannen and his crew jumped into action. they relieved the dangerous pressure building. still donald was not responding. suddenly in route to shock trauma, the lieutenant would get the surprise of his life. >> that's the first time you've had anyone wake up after a procedure come from a cardiac arrest to alive and speaking to you. >> reporter: when time in shock trauma and months of rehabilitation, donald is now as strong as any 21-year-old and luanna had a certificate made to honor lieutenant richard lannen and all those involved. >> i don't know what we would have done without you that night. i really mean that. that's why i'm standing here today to let the world know
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that the middle river fire department was there and they did save my son's life. >> reporter: in baltimore county, bill fink, abc2 news. two new york girls are safe at home after a daring rescue today. it was captured by a tv news crew there. police say one of the girls dropped her cell phone in the water and both girls jumped in to try and get it. but authorities say they were quickly caught in a fast moving near freezing water. didn't take long, though for rescuers to pull them to land and they are both doing fine tonight. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> kind of risky this time of year? >> what's that. >> in freezing water. >> this time of year, people don't realize, even in the open bays, still below 50 degrees, water temps in the 40s. some places today along the chesapeake, kelly, struggled to get, you know, out. -- out of the 50s because of
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that bay breeze so water awfully cold. >> but the temperatures great today. >> yes. gorgeous spring day. great night for our final in the opening series here and we are hoping to win this thing with a big victory tonight. first let's take a look outside right now and we've got basically a pretty quiet looking scene here at the inner harbor. there's always a little buzz in the air who orioles baseball is in town. 60 degrees right now, wind is east at 13, barometric pressure is 30.03 and on the rise at the moment but basically relatively quiet scene. i want to show you through the day actually as we take a look at he will kat -- elloquett city. i think we stay dry. looks like our d.c. camera not available but deep creek lake is. crisper weather out this way this morning, but out here temperatures soaring into the 60s at times today. five sweeps all clear, this should hold up throughout the
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game tonight. toward daybreak tomorrow different story. light breezes around five to 15 and boy what a temperature contrast and we see this a lot of times in early, mid, late april where we have the sharp contrast, low 50s toward dover, york, philly, baltimore, hagerstown and that 60-degree temperature band and then closers to 70 and beyond from d.c. back down through charlottesville so quite the contrast in temperatures statewide and that's going to help fuel some showers tomorrow. now, we think tomorrow that boundary slides further south. puts baltimore on the cool side, so places like new freedom, hail thorpe, maybe we are lucky to get to 50 disease. tomorrow most of the day in the 40s and rainy. contrasting boundary across the region. you see 49 in new york, 80 in richmond, that's a solid 30- degree contrast over just one or two states. when you see that, it's set up for more active weather and we already see the clouds beginning to blow in out of the west now. main storm has not developed yet. that will affect us tomorrow but the boundary is in place
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and again, we expect it to shift just a little further south tomorrow, puts us on that cooler side, in the 40s and low 50s perhaps and our futurecasts are showing the chance for showers as we go toward tomorrow, midday. maybe a morning shower or two. the better chance for rain will be friday afternoon, friday night overnight and even into perhaps early saturday morning, though right now it would appear that saturday will be mostly cloudy but just a few hit or miss rain showers around here and we think a drier sunday. but the question for tonight is, what will all the fans see for orioles baseball. got to try to win the series here and i know you've got a look at that and other games as well. >> oh, yeah, we definitely have to win it and you know what? we are looking pretty good as we go into tonight. so i'm glad to deliver this weather. let me show you what we are going to be dealing with as we go into the evening. we are looking at first pitch at 7:05 and we are looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. we will start to see the clouds trying to move in a little bit but we will be nice and dry,
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that temperature coming in right around 60 degrees, it's going to be nice and mild, so make sure you get out there and you enjoy that because we are going to have another dry time for the orioles. now as we check out what's happening as we go into game day forecast on saturday, we have binghamton at guy mbc at noon. lacrosse game. that temperature in the upper 50s so much better than what we are going to have tomorrow. it will be cool and we do have a slight chance for showers but all in all, i think saturday is going to be a much better day on friday as we start to dry things out. so we have two good games, one tonight and then saturday looks pretty good as well. although a little bit cooler. so wyatt, talk about what we have as we go further into the future. >> spring is a sports fan dream when this baseball, lacrosse, got it all going on. thanks. >> no problem. >> the rest of the night, eventually down to 43, game time temperatures closers to 60, maybe the upper 50s toward the late innings and then tomorrow 49 or so, rain or chilly and we think it will stay miserable tomorrow night.
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friday night not that great. maybe plan indoor activities. seven-day forecast, things improve a bit sunday afternoon, and we think sunday afternoon the better part of the week as we go back into the low 70s. >> thanks a lot. the very latest now on the bare bondz -- barry bonds trial. the case is in the hands of jurors. a prosecutor says a federal jury should convict the slugger because they say he chose not to tell the truth about using performance enhancing drugs. the home run king is accused of lying in december of 2003 to a grand jury that was investigating sports doping. well, the mother of miami heat's star lebron james has been arrested. gloria james smacked a hotel valet worker in the face because the car was taking too long to get delivered. police documents say james then lost her balance and fell to the ground and that she was visibly drunk. police had no plans to book her in jail and said she was released on her own
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recognizance with a promise to show up in court. tonight a case of mistaken identity. a man accused of stalking women on college campuses has many people doing a double take because of his resemblance to actor christopher watkins. the man allegedly tried to lure a 19-year-old girl into his car at rider university. >> one of my friends actually ran into him on campus and that was really frightening. >> his glean nor and -- 93 nor and the way -- demeanor and the way he looked was creepy. >> just yesterday he was spotted near princeton university, he was arrested and released without being charged because he wasn't actually on school property. but later in the day, he was admitted to a local hospital where it was reported that he was hearing voices. and check this out. this moment caught on tape, a florida man opens fire on a s.w.a.t. team robot. the man had called his family to say he was going to kill himself and in anyone was going to stop him, he would kill them too. authorities sent in this robot.
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the man stark naked walked into his room and shot the robot. the standoff actually ended peacefully. two minutes after the man pulled the trigger, he got dressed, walked outside with his hands up and taken into custody. >> is it just me or are people going crazy this week? what in the world is going on. >> i'm jamie costello. coming up at 6:00, we are about 30 hours away, could be down to 30 minutes, we are waiting on this government shutdown if congress can't agree with the president on the budget so we are going to be investigating to find out how it could impact you. our team coverage continues in just minutes. plus, a power outage to be thankful for. how the lights going out helped save this woman's life. what a story you're going to hear. that and more coming up when i see you at 6:00. [ horns honking ]
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you're watching abc2, baltimore. this is a story of of the day. a maine boy defies the odds. nick maxom beat out thousands of students to win a handwriting contest. he was born with no hands. the company that sponsored the annual prize was so touched by nick's story created a new category for students with disabilities. the winner will receive the nick maxim trophy. a sweet romance. the pose company -- pez company maze a one of a kind collection set featuring prince william and his fiancie kate. >> purely handmade except for the base. william and kate, one of our designers, one of our sculptors is -- has actually sculpted it by hand, paint it by hand -- pained by hand. >> the special pez dispenser
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will go up for auction on ebay later this month and all proceeds will go to charity. well, that pending government shutdown has just about everybody talking and we want to know what you're saying about it. it's tonight's hot topic at abc2 news at 6:00 which starts for you right now. now abc2 news at 6:00. how a federal shutdown could impact you from training service to taxes, to the national parks. i'm jeff hager. i'll have that story. thousands of you leave for work down the bw parkway, down 95, down new york avenue to your government job in d.c. we have team coverage on what this could mean for your return home to maryland. and a huge problem that could impact your children. how facebook can affect their health. our big story of the night, though, that looming federal government shutdown and its potential impact on you with more than a quarter of a million federal workers, maryland fairs bet


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